Get back in the war: Helldivers 2 daily orders have returned, and earlier than announced

Helldivers 2 two characters hugging as an explosion detonates in the background
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I do not want to die in a bug-infested hellscape for nothing. If I'm going to get murdered over and over again in Helldivers 2, I better be getting a big stack of medals out of it. Such rewards haven't exactly been pouring in, however, since one of the biggest sources, the daily personal orders, hasn't been working. 

These daily challenges have been a bit iffy since launch for a lot of Helldivers, with countless reports of them not doling out medals upon completion, not updating, or simply not showing up at all. Another victim of the game's massive population and resulting server issues. Late last month, however, they seemed to vanish for everyone. 

Daily personal orders are not the only way to get medals, of course, but they are one of the best ways to get a big stack of them. There's nothing quite like completing a mission where you just earned a few medals, only to realise you'd completed a challenge as well, netting you another 15. Shopping time! 

To be honest, as much as I'm loving the game, I've played a lot less lately because those dailies really motivated me to check in every single day—without that impetus, other games, like Last Epoch, have managed to slither into my heart. Sorry, Helldivers 2, I'm a mercenary, not a patriot. 

The good news is that the medal drought will soon be over. "Starting 09.00 CET tomorrow, daily orders will be back online," a Discord announcement posted earlier today reads. I just hopped in a moment ago and I actually do have one already, where there's 16 hours left to kill 100 enemies with an Eagle strafing run. I've confirmed that Helldiver 2 fanatic Harvey has the same one. Judging by the Discord, we're not alone. It might be that they aren't working for everyone, however, or that the current one is still a bit buggy, so you might still want to wait until tomorrow. 

So that's 8 am GMT/3 am ET/0:00 am PT. Go get those medals, Helldivers! 

Fraser Brown
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