5 years after its first appearance on Xbox One, Bohemia Interactive's console-exclusive looter-shooter Vigor is finally coming to PC

Free-to-play shooters are generally the domain of PC, but Vigor, developed by Arma studio Bohemia Interactive, is a notable exception. It launched on the Xbox One in 2019, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PS5 in 2020, and Xbox Series X/S in 2021, but through all that time has never been available on PC. Today that changed: "After years of anticipation and a plethora of requests," Bohemia is finally bringing the game to Steam.

The early access release of Vigor on Steam is set to take place in May, and will be available to anyone who purchases the new $20 "Reinforcements Pack," a collection of weapons, consumables, and other bits and bobs that will help you get started in your post-apocalyptic adventure through Norway, where the game is set. Early access is expected to run for about three months and all progress will be wiped when Vigor goes into full release, although the contents of the Reinforcements Pack will be kept.

Early access will give players access to season 18, Vigor Chronicles: Isolation, which was released for consoles a few months ago. It includes the M14 assault rifle, improved melee combat, a new smoke grenade, and a new map for the Shootout game mode—although really, it's all new to us, isn't it?

Truthfully, I'm not at all familiar with Vigor, but it doesn't sound too far off Bohemia's other, already-on-PC games, Arma and DayZ. Players make their way through the Outlands, "the shattered remains of what was once Norway," building bases, competing for loot, and shooting at each other in solo or team-based play. 

Here's a look at some gameplay from the Chronicles: Reckoning season that launched in early 2023:

"Our focus right now is to provide as smooth of a gaming experience as possible on PC, gather your feedback so we can further optimize the game, and, after the free-to-play release, focus our attention on cross-play and further polishing," Bohemia said. "We've implemented a brand-new feedback tracker where we can gather all of your suggestions and issues you might encounter. We will also be conducting several surveys throughout early access so if you want to voice your feedback, make sure to sign up for our newsletter."

A specific early access launch date for Vigor on Steam hasn't been announced. You can get a closer look at what it's all about in the Vigor devstream below.

Andy Chalk

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