The first big Enshrouded update has 'a brand new spooky NPC,' also you can sit on toilets now

A couple weeks ago co-op survival RPG Enshrouded laid out its grand roadmap for the rest of the year, and the first big hunk of it arrived today. Among the highlights of the update, called "Hollow Halls," are new dungeons to explore, new monsters to fight within them, and a new survivor to rescue and bring back to your base. 

Who is that survivor? I'm not sure yet. Keen Games only describes it as "a brand new spooky NPC," which isn't much to go on, but considering you find this character in a dungeon filled with skeletons, and there's a new crafting station that looks like a cauldron, I'm guessing the NPC might be a witch or warlock. Hopefully, that means more interesting potions to brew.

The Hollow Halls themselves look impressively big in the trailer above, and you'll find one of these new dungeons in each region of the map. In addition to what looks like a ton of spooky skeleton monsters, halls contain new legendary weapons, craftable props and blocks to collect, and trophies to win and display at your house. 

There's also a welcome new feature in the update that will let you get more comfortable: you can sit on chairs now, and that includes toilets. Ahhh… what a relief.

Builders will be happy to see round doors and windows have arrived, perfect for making your base look like a cozy hobbit hole, and there are new farming options including potted plants and additional tree seedlings to grow. There have also been performance improvements, an overhaul to the loot UI that makes crafting and splitting stacks much easier, and plenty of other tweaks and changes you can see in the full patch notes here.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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