Automate bases to explore and terraform a huge open world in Eden Crafters

Eden Crafters is a survival, crafting, and automation game set to release this year that puts you on a world hostile to life as you know it and asks you to turn it into a paradise for humanity. To do that you'll have to build up infrastructure that manufactures, houses, and fuels the machines you need for exploration, prospecting, and eventually terraforming.

Aside from what looks like the kind of gameplay inspired by Satisfactory and its ilk, Eden Crafters has one big trick up its sleeve: The world you're playing in is composed of voxels. That means players will be able to shift landforms, flatten terrain, and build hills or valleys.

Eden Crafters will be singleplayer or cooperative and is currently slated for release some time in 2024.

The game boasts a pretty big open world to mess with, about 144km² or 55.5m², and wants you to terraform the whole dang thing. "Temper the climate, create a breathable atmosphere, and turn toxic lakes into water: shape a new world!," says the description.

Eden Crafters does clearly have some appeal to players, with social media comments astutely comparing the concept to Satisfactory combined with The Planet Crafterand adding the power to change the landscape—a potentially potent combo of two quite successful games with a fan-favorite feature. The gifs that developer Osaris has on its Steam page are pretty slick, showing off some neat transitions as large-scale terraforming transforms the landscape.

A timelapse from game Eden Crafters where a dusty poisonous water basin becomes a lake with beautiful blue skies, grasses, and trees.

(Image credit: Osaris Games)

You can find Eden Crafters on Steam and on developer Osaris Games' website. Eden Crafters is Osaris Games' second release, following the first-person voxel city builder Technicity.

A chunky open-air factory on a dusty red world in game Eden Crafters

(Image credit: Osaris Games)

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