The makers of Parkitect have a new construction game coming, and it's a froggy colony sim called Croakwood

A little town where frogs live
(Image credit: Texel Raptor)

Here's a lovely little surprise in the midst of Summer Game Fest: the makers of the excellent building and management sim Parkitect have been cooking up a little something in secret. Today at the Glitch Future of Play showcase, developer Texel Raptor revealed a new game, and it looks fantastic.

It's called Croakwood and it's a colony sim where you build the most charming little town for a bunch of adorable frog citizens. The short but gorgeous trailer will activate your wishlist reflex, I'm betting:

"Nestled in the heart of Croakwood Forest is a community unlike any other! Help the locals to build and grow their home in this relaxed town building and management game," says Texel Raptor. "Design and create structures, plan and decorate towns, explore an ancient and wild forest, and manage the Frog Market to guide these tiny amphibians as they settle in and learn to thrive."

As for froggy features, here's what Croakwood's Steam page says:

  • Piece-based building design system with an abundance of customization options and styles
  • Entertaining, independent frog townsfolk to observe and care for while they live their day-to-day lives and express themselves in unique ways
  • Guide and manage the economy as the townsfolk gain or craft each resource by hand
  • A lush, expansive forest to explore with secrets to uncover and creatures to meet
  • Meet goals to gain access to new areas and buildables

There's no release date yet, or even a release window, but you can check it out on Steam while you impatiently wait. I like the look of it so much I just had to make a little gallery of every image I could find:

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