Hotel Galactic is a cozy Ghibli-inspired crafting and management sim where you'll host adorable intergalactic visitors

We as cozy gamers have done our time managing farms, tea houses, items shops, and all manner of other properties. Now it's time to take on hotel management. Revealed during today's PC Gaming Show was a trailer for Hotel Galactic, a lovely looking upcoming crafting and management game about caring for an intergalactic rest stop.

I was immediately taken by its Studio Ghibli-inspired art style—which is a term that can get thrown around a little too widely, but seriously, look at it. The animated portion of its trailer has that hand-painted style with tons of hardworking animal creatures cooking delicious food, mopping the hotel floors, and tending to guests in the sauna. And don't miss those magical flying sky ships either.

(Image credit: Ancient Forge)

As for the crafting and management bits, you can see some of your helpful critters chopping trees and mining rocks, then building upgrades at a crafting bench out in the yard. From a side-on view of the hotel, a player spends those resources to click and drag rooms of various sizes into place. It looks like there's space to build a basement level too.

Down in the lobby room, various interstellar guests wait to check in, all appearing to have meters for food, water, rest, and other needs. After they're all sorted, you'll have to manage cleaning up rooms and repairing certain activity stations. That's about all you can spot in the trailer so far, though I'm sure there will be lots of other guest amenities to juggle as well.

Hotel Galactic isn't quite ready for a grand opening—instead of a launch date, a Kickstarter campaign is planned for July. You can find it there and wishlist in on Steam to follow its development in the meantime.

Lauren Morton
Associate Editor

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