Where to find every dungeon in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree dungeon locations - a character is standing at the entrance of a forge dungeon
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Looking for the Shadow of the Erdtree dungeon locations in the Elden Ring? There are plenty scattered across the Land of Shadow, though, much like the main game, locating them can be tricky and it's easy to walk straight past them if you aren't sure where to look.

As well as the familiar catacombs, you'll find gaols and mausoleums among the new Shadow of the Erdtree dungeons, each with a boss you'll need to defeat at the end. You'll find forges too, which lava lovers will enjoy. If you're ready to get started and figure out where to find each of the Elden Ring DLC dungeons, here's where to find each one. Just bear in mind that there are uncovered maps for the DLC areas below, if you don't want to be spoiled. 

❗ If you're looking for base game dungeons, check our list of Elden Ring dungeon locations instead.

Gravesite Plain

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1. Belarut Gaol
Find the entrance west of the lake in Gravesite Plain. The lake is west of Abandoned Ailing Village.

2. Ruined Forge Lava Intake
Due west of Pillar Path Waypoint site of grace. Use the tombstones to get down the cliff, where the soldiers are fighting the Blood Fiends, and find the entrance near the braziers.

3. Dragon's Pit
From the Pillar Path Waypoint site of grace, head south past the dragon statues to find the door in the cliff at the top of the slope. If you get invaded by the Ancient Dragon Man NPC, you're going the right way.

4. Rivermouth Cave
This one is found at the very north of the Ellac riverbed, north of the Abandoned Ailing Village. You can access the river via the drop-down to the southeast of Castle Ensis.

5. Western Nameless Mausoleum
Directly to the west of the Scorched Ruins in the Gravebird infested area with the trees.

Scadu Altus and Rauh Ruins

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1. Ruined Forge of Starfall Past
Directly to the south-west of Moorth Ruins site of grace in Scadu Altus, surrounded by Misbegotten enemies.

2. Bonny Gaol
East of the Fort of Reprimand. Access by crossing the bridge to the south of Bonny Village. You can get to Bonny Village via Moorth Ruins.

3. Eastern Nameless Mausoleum
This one is tricky to locate. From the Recluses' River Downstream site of grace, head north and back up the river until you find the altar with the Gravebirds. There's a ledge off the side which you can drop down to. Follow these down until you reach river bed and head around the cliff to find the entrance. You can access this lower area of Scadu Altus via the Shadow Keep.

4. Darklight Catacombs
Same as above, from the Recluses' River Downstream site of grace, use the tombstones to drop down to the lake area below, then another set to the south of the lake. The entrance is just to the east at the bottom in the foggy area with the stone coffins.

5. Taylew's Ruined Forge
From the Ancient Ruins Base site of grace in Rauh Ruins, head north past the Demi-Humans to find the entrance up the hill.

6. Fog Rift Catacombs
Take the north ravine with the fire pot throwing soldiers from the Castle Front site of grace in the Messmer soldier camp, and keep going to find the entrance in a foggy area with coffins to the north. 

7. Northern Nameless Mausoleum
You can access this via a Spiritspring in Rauh Ruins. From the Rauh Ruins base, head west along the valley with the two golems to find it. You'll need to smash the stones sealing the spring a little further on behind a low wall.

8. Scorpion River Catacombs
From the Ravine North site of grace in Rauh Ruins, follow the river with the flying insects around to the west to find the entrance.

Southern Shore

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1. Southern Nameless Mausoleum
From the Cerulean Coast West site of grace, head southeast towards the tree and look for the path that leads down to a cave next to the water. At the bottom, head west and you'll arrive on the island.

2. Lamentor's Gaol
In the far north-west of Charo's Hidden Grave. This area is accessible behind the big dragon in Jagged Peak.

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