How to find the secret of the Nameless Village in Dragon's Dogma 2

Dragon's Dogma 2 character standing in front of the Nameless Village entrance
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The Nameless Village in Dragon's Dogma 2 has a secret and it'll take a little bit of finesse to find it. You're told to turn back as soon as you arrive, but won't face any consequences for poking around anyway. All the people here will refuse to tell you what's going on until you discover the whole point of the village's existence in the first place. And, it turns out, this place is hiding some very useful items and gear.

Chances are you'll be pointed toward this place after talking to Brant as part of Dragon's Dogma 2's main quest. He needs you to travel to the eastern side of Vermund to look for more information about the false Sovran. It's not far from Vernworth, the capital city, but far enough that you should make sure your party is well rested and prepared for any battles you stumble into on the way

How to find the secret of the Nameless Village 

The first NPC you meet will tell you to turn back, but don't listen to them. Continue walking through the village, talking with people as you make your way toward the building on the top of the hill. Inside there is a man who will give you the Legend's Opus, a scroll that will teach you the thief ability Blades of the Pyre.

There's still more to find, however. Outside of the building is a bench for passing time and just north of it is a ladder leading down into a cave. Descend the ladder (your pawns will stay behind) and you'll find an obstacle course between you and the rest of the cave. The wooden platforms are seesaws that you'll slip off of if you stand on them too long. There's no trick here: You just have to sprint forward and time your jump so you can grab the ledge on the other side.

Dust yourself off and head over to the second, and last, jumping puzzle. This time, there are swinging sacks of rocks to avoid while you jump between three platforms. The hazards are largely the same except the rocks can knock you into the pit with a few weak enemies. I was able to get it by jumping for the next platform just as the rocks started to move out of the way.

On the other side there's a door leading to—surprise!—a room full of thieves. The Nameless Village was built to disguise a thieves guild. The leader will hand you another scroll that will teach you Formless Feint, and you'll find the Peltflayers daggers and the Thief's Gaiters leg armor. You'll also get some more info about the false Sovran and an item you can take back to Captain Brant. When you exit that room you'll come out of a previously locked door in a house on the topside of the village.

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