Cat Quest 3 teases seafaring cat combat and a free demo

Cat Quest 3 has left behind the medieval fantasy of its predecessor for a life of adorable fur-crimes on the high seas, embarking on a new adventure in the "Purribean" region, which was clearly not named by dogs and is definitely infested with highly employable "pi-rats." We got a look at some of the customization options in Cat Quest 3 today at the PC Gaming Show, ahead of its release date on August 8.

Swashing buckles and combining cat puns with pirate puns isn’t the only change for Cat Quest 3. The arcade action and free roaming open world continues, but now includes your very own sailing ship, complete with various types of cannons and enemy ships to give surprise baths to. Pirate clashes on the high seas are a perfect match (as long as you can avoid getting wet), but the team at The Gentlebros has also shown off customization—with various ranged and melee weaponry, plus perks for your equipment and trinkets that change up gameplay for all your cat-fights on land. The new ship isn’t being left out either, with different ship abilities ranging from cannon barrages to electric homing attacks available for you to customize your galleon or frigate of choice.

Some of the examples of the different ways you can kit-ten your character up include a series of damaging magic orbs that swarm around you, ranged scatter shots, and a rapid attacking lightning claws build. Given the wide variety of rats that are bent on ruining your day in the Purribean, it seems unlikely you’ll be able to bond with the pirate king over your mutual love of dairy products, so it’s good there’s a deeper arsenal of options for ensuring that dead men with tails tell no tales.  

If you don’t fancy the wait until the August release, you’ll be able to take Cat Quest 3 out for your own three hour tour, with a free demo, available on Steam tomorrow, June 10.

Philip Palmer

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