Hades 2 roadmap: All the updates coming in the future

Hades 2 characters Hecate and Melinoe with a moon in the background
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The Hades 2 roadmap is rather simple as it settles into its early access period, but Supergiant Games has already teased a few things coming to the action RPG in the near future. While there are no firm release dates for anything yet, the developer plans to add new regions, weapons, and other systems to the game over the next several months.

If you followed Hades 1's early access development, the sequel's roadmap will look familiar: Supergiant says it will have "several major updates" coming to the game and that it will refine existing features based on player feedback. That feedback can be direct (by joining its Discord) or by simply playing the game as it logs gameplay data.

"This is a game with many interconnected parts," Supergiant wrote in an announcement blog post, "and your feedback helps us ensure everything from the balance to the narrative are working as well as possible." 

Hades 2's roadmap for early access updates

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The Hades 2 roadmap currently only has details about the first major update coming later this year. Supergiant says in an FAQ that it "will take some months" of work before it's ready to release it.

There are three major additions to Hades 2 that are currently being working on (but aren't guaranteed to be in the first update), including:

  • A new region: An entirely new region to explore with new characters, enemies, and more is on its way
  • A new weapon: A sixth weapon, along with new weapon aspects, will be added to the game
  • The Crossroads customization: A new feature that will let you customize the look of the game's main hub is planned as well

Smaller updates to the game's character portraits, environmental art, music, story, and voice-acting will come with these major updates, too.

Hades 2 doesn't currently have a final release date, so the timing of the rest of its major updates is unknown.

Will Hades 2 saves work after launch?

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Supergiant says it's "committed to making sure your save data works all through development" and in the full release of the game.

Hades 1 players were able to keep their saves for its entire early access period and release, but would occasionally lose small bits of progress as Supergiant reworked parts of the game. If Hades 2 goes as smoothly, all your major decisions and progress in your save should be safe.

Hades 2 early access price 

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Hades 2 is currently $29.99 on Steam and the Epic Games Store, but Supergiant says the price could change depending on the scope of what it adds to it during its early access development. As with all early access games, however, a price increase won't affect you if you already bought it previously.

Hades 2 is available right now in early access on Steam and the Epic Games Store. 

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