The coziest MMO feature is coming to Sky: Children of the Light next week: player housing

Sky: Children of the Light - Three players spend time together inside a decorated house
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The cozy MMO from Journey's developers that I've been waiting years to play on PC finally launched on Steam today. Thatgamecompany also announced the details of Sky: Children of the Light's next in-game season, which starts next week, and it's adding one of the best features for creative players that any MMO can have: customizable player homes.

Thatgamecompany revealed the Season of Nesting today, which will begin next week on April 15. As with other seasons of Sky, the Season of Nesting will introduce a new spirit character to the game who will dole out quests and seasonal cosmetic rewards and it's all going to be themed around creating your own "nest."

(Image credit: Thatgamecompany)

After unlocking a few seasonal quests you'll be able to claim your own nesting space inside the tiny stone Hobbit-hole-like houses in the Aviary Village player hub. TGC says you'll have privacy settings available for welcoming friends or enjoying a little quiet time. 

Player homes are always such a bright spot of creativity in MMOs, whether it's the daunting journey of home ownership in FF14 or the amazing creations of ESO's house builders, so this is quite an exciting development in making Sky feel like a real hangout spot. 

Until now, players have been able to decorate small "shared spaces" all over the world, sort of ghostly apparitions filled with props for other players to dip into as they pass by. But there hasn't been any personal space to customize. As a lover of all things build mode and decor in games, I'm psyched, even if I'll inevitably leave my own home half decorated and become terribly envious of other players' fantastic builds.

"Players have asked for a version of Sky homes for a long time, and we wanted to bring them in with extra features that wouldn’t be limited to just one Season," TGC says. Even after the Season of Nesting ends, players will have a new "nesting challenges" board with unlockable rewards and a new stone furniture set with more than 50 items.

Sky: Children of the Light launched free on PC in early access today. The Season of Nesting will begin next week on April 15.

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