Baldur's Village, the Stardew Valley/BG3 mash-up mod that lets you kiss Astarion, has a new update and potential release window

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(Image credit: ConcernedApe, Baldur's Village Mod Team)

A few months ago, a Baldur's Gate 3 fan artist with the handle XunHe1145, shared a project that would bring BG3 characters to the world of Stardew Valley in a mod named Baldur's Village. After a couple of months, we've finally got another update on the project, including a potential release window: "Although the release date has not been decided, there is a high probability that the first part will be released this fall or winter," Xun says in a tweet

The mod will feature a separate map for Baldur's village, four different new building styles, and new characters like Astarion, Shadowheart, Gale, and Halsin with custom portraits—oh, and Astarion will have a romance/dating questline, just in case you were wondering. But that's not all—Xun's tweet also included some new information about what this mod will look like. 

First up, there's a new character being added: "Both Rolan and Rolan's Projection have been designed, although Rolan is not currently a marriable NPC, but will occasionally appear in some corners of the map," Xun says. "Again!! The only NPCs currently available for marriage are Astarion and Halsin, but once the first part is released, the order of marriageable NPCs will be voted on by our Patreon." Rolan's Projection will also come with a new building design: a restaurant which he will manage. "The bar will regularly or randomly sell some new items," Xun continues. 

Other new rooms and buildings are also briefly mentioned: "We are designing spouse rooms, patios, and special furniture related to the character's experience," Xun says. "This part of the work is huge, and it's still a work in progress." 

Alongside all of this great content, players can also expect to see some of their favourite BG3 characters in various pixel clothes. Like other Stardew Valley NPCs, the style will depend on the current in-game season. While that's also a work in progress, they "have already completed the characters of Astarion and Shadowheart."  

There are countless amazing Stardew Valley mods like Ellie's ideal greenhouse that gives players the option of three spacious redesigns for the greenhouse or The Love of Cooking, which adds tons of new recipes for you to cook up. But Baldur's Village really does look like it'll be able to hold its own among the best, so I can't wait to see what else the modders have in store for us.  

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