A group of modders are building 'Baldur's Village' in Stardew Valley, an idyllic little town where you can date Astarion and maybe hang out with some of those other guys

Baldur's Gate 3 mod for Stardew, including pixel art Astarion
(Image credit: ConcernedApe, Baldur's Village Mod Team)

A Baldur's Gate 3 fan artist with the handle XunHe1145 has revealed a planned Stardew Valley - Baldur's Gate 3 crossover mod to be made in collaboration with other artists. Baldur's Village will feature Stardew versions of some of BG3's companions in a new little town, complete with custom art and dialogue.

Off the jump, the pixel art portraits of Shadowheart and Astarion on display are real winners⁠—my Stardew-loving other half informs me that a lot of custom portrait work for the game doesn't quite capture the charm of Eric Barone's original NPCs, but she really loved these interpretations of BG3's companions. They're a bit more realistic than the base Stardew characters, but still really capture the spirit: you could almost mistake these guys for an official crossover.

The other planned features of the full mod include:

  • A new, separate map for the titular Baldur's Village.
  • Four different building styles in the village.
  • Astarion, Shadowheart, Gale, and Halsin NPCs with custom portraits for at least the first three.
  • A full romance/dating questline for Astarion, with the possibility open for something similar with the other NPCs

XunHe1145 notes that Baldur's Village is being made by "a small team of amateurs," so progress may be slow, but they would like to have an initial release of the mod up on the Nexus in time for Baldur's Gate 3's first anniversary on August 3.

In a separate post, XunHe1145 said that the predominantly Chinese speaking team is looking for help translating their work into other languages, so if you're a multilingual PC gamer with a love of both Baldur's Gate and Stardew Valley, now's your time to shine, baby. 

It's been a surprisingly booming time for the eight year-old Stardew Valley: creator Eric Barone took a much-publicized break from his mysterious upcoming game, Haunted Chocolatier, to crank out a last hurrah hum dinger of a Stardew update in 1.6, which most notably adds new events and a new farm type. 

That wasn't even the end of it, either: one follow-up hotfix vaporized two inappropriate names from the name generator (we still want to know what they were, by the way), while another, thank god, fixed Mr. Racoon.

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