Another Stardew Valley patch is on the way, with 'a new fishing thing, and some new mining-related stuff'

Stardew Valley
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Will Eric Barone ever stop working on Stardew Valley? Someday, perhaps, but as Viggo Mortensen famously said, it is not this day: Because this day, Barone announced that another new patch is in the works that's expected to be out this week.

Stardew Valley's long-awaited 1.6 update was a massive undertaking, adding a new farm type, a trio of new festivals, new late-game content, support for eight-person multiplayer, and a whole bunch more. In spite of that size, and the excitement it inspired—the tankards of mayonnaise flowed freely—the rollout went quite smoothly.

Still, Barone continued to put out small updates to address issues that cropped up, like the "creepy face" bear who turned up in a maple syrup event, which may be the most Stardew Valley kind of bug imaginable. And just two weeks after the last fixer-upper, he confirmed today that another patch is on the way.

"There's another PC patch underway (1.6.4), which will fix more bugs and add a few goodies as well," Barone tweeted. "It should be out some time next week."

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In his usual style, he didn't provide a list of what exactly this new patch will fix and add, but did offer a few hints, saying the patch will offer "a new fishing thing, and some new mining-related stuff." That's not much, but it's something to look forward to if fishing (or mining) is your thing.

Despite the dearth of detail (which, let's be honest, we're all used to by now), redditor tarenni summed up the reaction to the news of another incoming patch quite aptly:

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There is unfortunately still no update for those waiting for the 1.6 patch to arrive on consoles or mobile devices: Barone said last week that they're in the works "and will be released as soon as possible," but that he doesn't have a specific date just yet. That remains the case, but the good news is that he also confirmed today that the 1.6.4 patch "will not slow down the console release."

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