The Butler is one of Lethal Company's newest monsters, and this blob-fish-looking guy has an explosive personality

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The recent version 50 update for Lethal Company certainly has players divided, thanks to how grueling singleplayer games have become. But if we can agree on one thing, I think it would be that the new entity called the Butler is probably the best-dressed killer across the alien moons. 

Appearing on Mansion maps, the Butler can turn up pretty frequently, so you'll likely see more than just one on your journey to collect scrap. Your first encounter with him will probably be peaceful, as this creature can switch between docile and aggressive. Usually, you need to strike first for the Butler to attack, but I still like to keep my distance from him, just in case.

If you do have the misfortune of getting into a fight with the Butler, then there's no point leaving empty-handed. It takes three hits with a shovel to kill it, but be careful because just before it dies, the Butler will expand and then pop and release tons of angry hornets. The explosion will deal some damage to you, and the hornets certainly won't make you feel any better, but luckily these pesky insects are quite stupid, so it's easy enough to lose them. 

After all the bugs have dispersed, then make sure to snag yourself the Butler's knife—it should just be lying on the ground where the monster exploded. However, I do not recommend using this in a fight; you have to be practically standing on top of someone to use the weapon, so if your enemy can pick you up and whisk you away like the Bracken or a Spider, then getting close to them isn't an option. The knife does have a quick cooldown of 0.4 seconds, though, meaning you can rapidly strike people or creatures, but it also only does one damage per hit—honestly, you'd be better off with your trusty shovel or a zap gun if you're feeling fancy. 

But like most things in Lethal Company, there's a price attached to it. If you pick up the Butler's knife and take it back to the ship, you can sell it for up to 35 credits. It's no gold bar or cash register, but I, for one, would never turn my nose up at any amount of credits, no matter how small, not when The Company's scrap targets can get so high. 

Despite the Butler's hideous face (sorry, but it's true), there's not much to fear about this new monster. However, the fact that my fellow crewmates can now get their hands on a knife with which they can rapidly stab me and the rest of my team doesn't fill me with a lot of confidence. I now have a pretty ominous gut feeling that my next game of Lethal Company is going to look like an Among Us crossover if someone gets the knife and decides to start acting like the imposter—just another day working for The Company. 

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