Content Warning patch adds a reporter mic, sound player, and 'party poppers'

Content Warning screenshot - four characters standing close together in a dark environment
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Just a day after promising they were working on it, the Content Warning team has released a patch that fixes a handful of bugs and adds three new items: reporter mics, party poppers, and a sound player.

The patch announcement came via an in-game video clip that looks like it was done with minimal preparation—and by "minimal" I mean somebody handed Zorro a piece of paper and said "read this, we'll fix it in post" and then skipped the "fix it in post" part.

The new toys are nice: The reporter mic sells for $50 and looks to be a more portable version of the $100 boom mic, while the sound player will set you back $100—this is all in-game currency, of course. The party pooper popper, which as far as I can tell has no real practical value (although maybe I'm just not using my imagination here) is $5.

The reduction in hard drive space used by video records is also a plus—as someone who's currently trying to figure out what to delete so I can reinstall Ghost Recon Wildlands I may be a little biased on that point, but anything that adds up to more free drive space is okay by me. Emote prices have also been adjusted, as has an option to invert your mouse, if that's what you're into.

It is a small patch, but the developers said they're continuing to work on "more fixes for the other bigger issues," including problems with voice, connection and hosting issues, and camera troubles that prevent footage from extracting or being visible. 

Content Warning made a big splash when it launched on April 1, quickly surpassing six million owners and 204,000 concurrent players, no doubt in large part because it was free for the first 24 hours. Those numbers have tailed off somewhat but it's still doing well for itself, with a concurrent player count at this moment of 90,000—not bad at all for the middle of a Wednesday afternoon. Judging by all the requests for new features and content, and what appears to be a widespread patience for bug fixing—not to mention the fact that it's a lot of fun—I'd say players are eager to stick with it.

The full Content Warning patch notes are below.

  • 🎁Added new item "Reporter Mic"
  • 🎁Added new item "Sounds Player"
  • 🎁Added new item "Party popper"
  • 🎁Added a projector in the garden
  • 🛠️Adjusted prices of emotes
  • 🛠️Added inverted mouse setting
  • 🛠️Fixed disk being able to be duplicated if you picked it up at the same time
  • 🛠️Decreased hard drive usage for recordings
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