TF2 voice cast reunites to LARP their way through a beautiful recreation of 2009's Meet the Sniper video

The Team Fortress 2 voice cast continue to have far, far too much fun with their characters. Hot on the heels of occupying a jazz bar to croon about sandwiches (or sandviches, if you're a stickler for grammar), the gang has once again reunited to recreate another video from the Meet the Team series that Valve put out over a decade ago.

This time the video in question is Meet the Sniper, a recreation of the video from 2009 (oh my god) that replaces the original's in-game models with their real-life voice actors. In this instance, the star of the show is John Lowrie, the VA behind TF2's Sniper, dressed to the nines in an authentic rig-out.

It's not just Lowrie, though. The original Meet the Sniper vid featured appearances (and grisly deaths) by various other members of the team. That means you get to enjoy Gary Schwartz as the Heavy and Dennis Batemen as the Spy absolutely hamming it up as they get ruthlessly dispatched. The team also got a few stand-ins to feature as the Soldier (whose voice actor died in 2020) and Demoman.

The video comes courtesy of YouTuber ShorK, who was also the mad genius behind the cast's recreation of its most iconic fan skit and—my personal favourite—the video of them actually playing the game for the first time. They all feel like bizarre, wonderful fever dreams, and luckily I think the odds are pretty good that there are more videos like them in our future.

Although Valve finds itself a bit preoccupied with games like Dota 2 and Counter-Strike 2 (whatever those are), I admit that TF2 still holds a special place in my heart. Its iconic characters and absurd humour (along with its ludicrously deep lore) are too good to be forgotten while the creators focus on other things. In an ideal world, the ridiculous dedication of TF2's cast and community to keeping the game alive would spur Valve to give it the attention it deserves. But if not? Well, I'm pretty happy to get a few more videos about sandviches.

Joshua Wolens
News Writer

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