Destiny 2 Edge Transit god roll guide: Best perks, barrels, and magazines

Edge Transit god roll
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Back in the Forsaken days, Edge Transit was a Destiny 2 meme—a decidedly mid grenade launcher that just would not stop dropping from engrams. Today, Bungie is having the last laugh, because Into the Light's reissued Edge Transit is an absolute monster. Right now, it's basically tied with Cataphract GL3 as the best heavy grenade launcher in the game. But two things give it the slight edge. First, when The Final Shape launches next month, all Brave Arsenal weapons will become enhanceable—making them even better than they are now. Second, unlike Cataphract, you don't have to play Trials of Osiris to get it.

Instead, you can grind out some Onslaught for a chance at some Edge Transit drops. Remember to complete the relevant Arcite quest from the Hall of Champions to be able to attune to it—you'll get 50% more Edge Transit drops if you do. If you're lucky enough to secure the PvE god roll, your raid team is sure to thank you.

Edge Transit PvE god roll

  •  Barrel: Quick Launch, Smart Drift Control, Linear Compensator
  •  Magazine: Augmented Drum, Mini Frags, Spike Grenades
  •  3rd Column: Envious Assassin
  •  4th Column: Bait & Switch

The play here is clear. Envious Assassin in the third column, Bait and Switch in the fourth. The former overfills your magazine up to 200%, which, with Augmented Drum, means up to 21 grenades in the magazine. The latter gives you 10 seconds of 30% extra damage for hitting your target with each of your weapons. It's a simple but effective rotation: when DPS starts, hit the boss with your primary and special, switch to heavy and just keep unloading grenade after grenade.

Keep an eye out for a Cascade Point roll too. When active, it will increase the fire rate to 200 RPM, letting you dump a magazine at incredible speed. This makes it perfect for quickly deleting Champions and other high-health targets. Pair it with Explosive Light to output a tremendous amount of burst damage.

Edge Transit PvP god roll

  •  Barrel: Volatile Launch, Confined Launch
  •  Magazine: High-Explosive Ordnance
  •  3rd Column: Impulse Amplifier
  •  4th Column: Explosive Light

With the changes to Guardian health in Crucible, the grenade launcher meta has shifted in PvP. Where Proximity Grenades once ruled, now you're better off prioritising blast radius in order to more consistently secure a one-hit-kill. High-Explosive Ordnance is a particularly good mag option here, increasing both explosive and impact damage. The only downside is reducing your magazine size, but that doesn't matter in Crucible where an ammo box is only giving you three grenades.

In terms of perks, Impulse Amplifier is the natural choice thanks to the increased projectile speed, helping you hit your target before they can dodge away. And Explosive Light feels like the best fourth column pick, massively enhancing blast radius while it's active.

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