After 6 years, Blizzard is finally bringing back the rarest Mercy skin in Overwatch, and there's a new version too

Rose Gold Mercy skin on a blue sky background
(Image credit: Blizzard)

After six years, Blizzard is bringing back one of the most popular Overwatch skins to date. The coveted Pink Mercy skin will return, along with a new rose gold variant, on June 25 as part of another campaign to raise money for breast cancer research with the BCRF.

The original Pink Mercy skin will cost $15 and the new rose gold version will be included in a $20 bundle with other cosmetics. Blizzard says 100% of the purchase price (excluding platform fees and taxes) will be donated to the BCRF after the campaign ends on July 8.

In 2018, enough people bought the Pink Mercy skin to raise $12.7 million, which has remained the largest single donation ever made to the BCRF. And you can tell, because any Overwatch 1 Mercy main you meet keeps the skin in regular rotation. It's one of the few skins she has that recolors her wings while she's flying in her ultimate, giving them a bright pink glow. It also has sparkly sound effects.

The new version of the skin is essentially the same with rose gold accents on her suit, and her matching hair now ends with pink tips. Someone at Blizzard knew exactly how to reel in people like me who don't even play Mercy much anymore. It'll look great in the hero select screen before I lock in Kiriko because I'm not strong enough to play the support with the least offensive capabilities.

A part of me is sad I can't brag about having the original Pink Mercy skin anymore and joke about selling it for $400 on Ebay, but I'm glad to see Blizzard finally, finally bringing it back.

The Pink Mercy skins will be available from June 25 to July 8.

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