Final Fantasy 16 isn't on PC yet, but you can get the full Clive experience in FF14 right now by wearing his clothes and riding his dog, via the new crossover event

An image showcasing several items from the Final Fantasy 16 crossover event in Final Fantasy 14, including Clive Rosfield's clothes and dog.
(Image credit: Square Enix)

As revealed by Final Fantasy 14 (and 16)'s director Naoki Yoshida in October of last year, the FF14/16 crossover event is now live. And listen, as a PC player I've yet to even experience so much as an inch of Clive Rosfield's dashing stubble—but I'm very excited for this event. Why? Cool clothes, and also a dog.

The event will be live for a month, running from April 2 to May 8 at 3 pm GMT, and it has a trio of rewards to earn. First up, the Metian set—or in other words, the Rosfield drip. While a cool outfit is great news, the fact that this set can be dyed is actually a huge deal. 

Glamour is a massive part of the Final Fantasy 14 community—but so many potential outfits are spoiled by a lack of dye channels in said gear. Not so here. The Metian set is broken up into four parts that you can mix and match with your existing glams. Or you can just wear the whole thing and dye it hot pink. I'm sure Clive, who I know nothing about, would approve.

You can also snag the Torgal whistle and minion, allowing you to either ride Clive Rosfield's faithful companion or have him follow you around as an eternally Shiba Inu-sized pup. I'm not going to examine the ethical ramifications of the latter, especially since you can pet both versions of the dog. We have the technology.

You can also eternally trap Clive's soul into a triple triad card, and get a whole host of orchestrion rolls to play in-game—10 in total.

To begin the crossover event, you'll need to head on over to Ul'dah with a level 50 character that has completed the main scenario quest "The Ultimate Weapon"—which is the end of the base game, A Realm Reborn. 

That's very doable within a month if you're completely green to FF14, though the official site does point towards character and level skips, which feels like a cardinal sin somehow. I wouldn't recommend it personally—this event is temporary, but landing in Heavensward with no idea what the hell is going on is forever.

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