We might not have Final Fantasy 16 on PC yet, but we can sort of experience it through Final Fantasy 14's new crossover event

I reckon one of the benefits of being the director on multiple games is you can just give 'em crossover events without too much faff, and with Naoki Yoshida being at the helm of both Final Fantasy 14 and Final Fantasy 16, it makes an awful lot of sense to mash them together into one cool questline.

That's exactly what's happening in the critically acclaimed MMO later this year, with crossover quest series The Path Infernal giving us PC players a chance to get some tangential Final Fantasy 16 goodies down our gullets. We didn't get a whole lot of info, but a video played during the London Fan Festival keynote showed the Warrior of Light going toe-to-toe with eikon Ifrit with some special Final Fantasy 16 dodges and moves thrown in, and even a glimpse of protagonist Clive Rosfield fighting alongside him.

There'll be some themed goodies to be earned throughout the questline too, like a mount for Clive's adorable canine companion Torgal. Yoshida also promised some special themed gear up for grabs, which looks to see our Warriors of Light being able to don Clive's garb.

I know, it's not quite Final Fantasy 16 on PC just yet but hey, it's the closest we have so far. We still have no idea when that'll be ported over and with Yoshida already saying that the port's release wouldn't line up with the game's six-month console exclusivity lifting, this crossover should be a nice way to pass the time before we get the real thing. There's no solid release date for the questline yet, but it should be out before newest expansion Dawntrail hits next summer.

Mollie Taylor
Features Producer

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