Tell Me Why, a narrative adventure from the creators of Life Is Strange, is free to keep on Steam right now to celebrate Pride month, and… hold on, haven't we done this before?

Tyler spreading his arms and closing his eyes in Tell Me Why.
(Image credit: Don't Nod Entertainment)

Bear with me for a bit of déjà vu: narrative adventure Tell Me Why is free to keep on Steam for the whole month of June, to celebrate Pride month. If that sounds familiar, there's a good reason for that, and it's not because you've unlocked time-shifting powers. By my reckoning this is the fourth year running that developer Don't Nod has done this.

It's a lovely tradition to keep going. The game itself is about a pair of twins confronting their past using a supernatural power—the link to Pride is that one of the two is trans, with their identity forming a major element of the plot. Don't Nod was also really put on the map by the original Life Is Strange, another adventure with LGBTQ+ themes. This feels like a lovely way of putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to respecting the wider community—especially as it's accompanied by a call from the developer to "give your money and support to trans creators, trans-inclusive charities in your community, and trans people in need" this month. 

If you didn't already grab the game in a previous year, all you need to do is head to its Steam page and click "Add to account", and it'll be in your library ready to download—just make sure you get it before July 1. Our reviewer had some misgivings about Tell Me Why when it first released back in 2020, but said, "While there are missteps, they're at least well meaning, and the game goes to great lengths to respect Tyler's identity like few games of this scope ever have". Certainly for the price of free it's worth giving it a try for yourself. 

If you're curious what else Don't Nod have been making since leaving behind the Life Is Strange series, we really enjoyed its gentle climbing adventure Jusant (which is currently 30% off on Steam), and said that its most recent game, cinematic ghost-hunting action game Banishers, "feels like a Witcher 3 quest blown up into a full-size game, really giving you the chance to get to know one town and its colourful inhabitants". 

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