Embark on a journey through Icelandic folklore in upcoming adventure game Island of Winds

Island of Winds is an action-adventure game, from Parity Games, with a soothing Icelandic backdrop. But while the setting might appear isolated, you shouldn't let your guard down entirely, as it shows off in a new trailer debuted during today's PC Gaming Show. 

Set in 17th-century Iceland, you play as Brynhildur, the Balance Keeper mediating between our world and supernatural forces which may be a more dangerous job than it initially sounds.

When Brynhildur's home is attacked and her mentor is abducted, she must set out on a journey to find answers. While the vast Icelandic landscape looks starkly peaceful, you'll need to stay mindful of the obstacles you might come across, all while avoiding dangers creatures that may be lurking around each corner. 

Island of Winds draws inspiration from nature, folklore, and history to pull you into a rich story filled with extensive lore and intriguing puzzles. Its gameplay trailer from April focused on stealth, puzzles, and using a magic staff to subdue enemies, while this newest trailer deals more with platforming, stealth, and using magic to remove obstacles, along with a few of the enemies that you could encounter along the way.

Thankfully, Brynhildur has a few tricks up her sleeve and can defend herself with spells, such as lightning bolts or knockbacks—and she can heal injured creatures she comes across. As you may well encounter legendary creatures on your travels, you will be glad to have one, or both, types of spellcasting to fall back on as you travel through the fantastical land.

Island of Winds doesn't have a release date quite yet, though it's expected to arrive in 2025. You can wishlist, or check for more info, on the Steam page.

Sarah James
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