There's a Dragon's Dogma 2 mod to make pawns shut the hell up and thank goodness for that

A cat-lady holds up a glowing paw
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"Look, Arisen, a ladder! We should climb it, Arisen! I think, Arisen, there may be something to discover atop yon ladder, after we climb it, mayhaps?"

At first, I liked my main pawn. At least, after I changed her vocation from the entirely useless archer to the far more valuable mage. But then she and my other pawns told me, about six or seventeen times, that there was a treasure chest over there, did I see it? And a statue over there, perhaps we could climb it? And so many ladders, as if they were somehow the most important thing in Dragon's Dogma 2. 

Maybe they are. I've stopped investigating them out of a sense of bloody-mindedness because I'm so sick of my pawns talking about them. There is, however, a solution. Well, there are two solutions. The first is to stop playing Dragon's Dogma 2. The second is to download emoose's mod, which is called ShutUpPawns.

The great thing about ShutUpPawns is it doesn't disable pawn dialogue altogether. You can configure it line by line, going over a stored history of the last 10 things they said and blocking ones you don't want to hear again. Or you can block an entire set all at once, such as the ladder or treasure chest notifications. 

You can even stop pawns from automatically high-fiving you following battles if you're sick of that happening after every trivial goblin fight when you're busy trying to loot the bodies. Currently in beta for the next version of the mod is a toggle so that pawns only go for a high-five after fights that last for more than two minutes.

To install this mod, you'll first need REFramework, which enables modding in various games made in the Resident Evil engine, then download ShutUpPawns from Nexus Mods. While you're at it, there's also a mod to get 99 copies of the 'change appearance' item Capcom is selling for real money.

Jody Macgregor
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