The developers of Unsighted are making a 3D metroidvania that looks anime as all get-out

Pixel Punk is the Brazilian indie studio behind Unsighted, a 2021 metroidvania with a ticking death clock I thought was pretty swell. Actually, you know what they call metroidvanias in Japan? Well, they call them metroidvanias, but they also call them search-action games. Let's just go with that for the rest of this article, see how it feels.

Abyss X Zero is an upcoming search-action game set in a 3D world that apparently has "enormous dungeons and stylish combat". It looks a bit Zelda and a bit Kill la Kill, with two protagonists who do not seem to get along. Apparently they're called Codename A and Codename Z, "both legendary heroes with unique abilities that change how you fight and interact with the environment."

It's got a motorbike, sliding blocks, impractical armor, big guns and even bigger swords. The scythe and the hammer aren't teeny either. I get a strong vibe of, "What if you could play a Legend of Zelda game without having to be that Link dweeb?" While not explicitly a sequel to Unsighted, I wouldn't be surprised if it shares the setting, as it certainly shares some visual flair.

"We're a two person team," says Pixel Punk, "and the project is still very early in development." Abyss X Zero does have a Steam page if you want to wishlist it and keep an eye on this intriguing search-action game's progress.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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