Games Workshop's Dark Future being adapted for PC

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Post-apocalypses come in many forms. There's your grim, harrowing, struggle-for-survival apocalypse; as seen in STALKER or The Road. Then there's your ridiculous, leather wearing, half-crazed apocalypse of Mad Max or Fallout. Sure, this latter dystopia says, things are bad. But isn't bondage gear fun?

This week—I assume due to the recent Mad Max: Fury Road—we've seen a couple of developers announce their ultraviolent apocalypses. There's Crossout, from the War Thunder devs, and now Auroch Digital has announced Dark Future: Blood Red States. It's a PC adaptation of the Games Workshop boardgame, and is cheesily teased in the trailer below.

In Blood Red States the player is put in charge of a Sanctioned Ops agency—taking contracts and bounties out in the wastelands. The game is described by Auroch as "a turn-based strategy game, played out in simultaneous real-time action." It sounds a bit like a vehicular Frozen Synapse, which could be pretty nifty if done right.

Dark Future: Blood Red States is due out this winter.

Phil Savage

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