Furi's fast and frantic One More Fight DLC out now

The Game Bakers' super stylish sci-fi slasher Furi became one of 2016's unexpected hits, stifled only by a smattering of unfair difficulty spikes. It's now launched its first and only planned portion of DLC—named One More Fight—and marks the occasion with this typically cool launch trailer.

Priced at £2.79/$3.99 on Steam, One More Fight offers players a "complete new fight" against The Flame whereby combatants take to a new area designed specifically for the showdown. It's playable in both Furi and Furier difficulty modes, and while the game's Steam page doesn't mention much else, it does sign off with: "And that’s all, or is it?" Ominous. 

"One More Fight will have players stand up one last time for their freedom in an intense fight against The Flame, a revengeful opponent that will challenge their skills and test their wit to the extremes," adds The Game Bakers. "The pack features a new fight against a boss designed by Takashi Okazaki, in a new arena, with music by Scattle."

In September last year, The Game Bakers released part one of its interesting behind-the-scenes making of-type series of documentaries. It's since launched the series' second and third instalments, which can be viewed here: 

And here: 

Furi's One More Fight DLC is out now on Steam for £2.79/$3.99. Its base game costs £14.99/$19.99 on the Humble Store.

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