FSP's Hydro X series PSUs grab the gold

The power supply market grew a little bit bigger this week with the introduction of FSP's new Hydro X line. Each of the three models in the Hydro X series is 80 Plus Gold certified, part of which FSP attributes to its Eco-Minion controller.

In FSP's world, "computers spend most of their time sleeping." We beg to differ, at least when stating such a thing as a blanket statement, but there's a bigger point FSP is trying to make.

"When a PC is in sleep or idle modes, most of its functions are powered by the +5Vsb rail. The Hydro X series includes an Eco-Minion controller that enhances the overall performance of this rail," FSP explains. "Generally, PSUs achieve 75 percent efficiency at a low-power standby load of about 1A - the Hydro X series can achieve around 82.5 percent efficiency for low standby power consumption."

FSP says its Hydro X series uses premium components and Japanese-made electrolytic capacitors built to exacting standards. The insinuation there is that the caps won't bulge and leak.

It looks like FSP is aiming at modest builds with the Hydro X, which is available in 450W, 550W, and 650W models. These aren't modular PSUs, but they do feature some flat ribbon cables to help with tidying up your PC.

Each also use a single +12V rail design, with the 450W delivering 37.5A over the +12V rail, the 550W delivering up to 45.83A, and the 650W delivering up to 54.16A.

As a point of reference if you're building a gaming PC, Nvidia calls for a minimum 500W PSU for its GeForce GTX 970, which is the recommended card (on Nvidia's side) for use with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

The Hydro X series will be available this month priced $90 (€80) for the 450W, $100 (€90) for the 550W, and $110 (€100) for the 650W.

Paul Lilly

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