Frozen Synapse Red expansion adds co-op mode, riot shields, the colour red

Frozen Synapse RED

"Owen. You killed Davis!" Alas, poor Davis, the VIP Owen and Tom F were supposed to protect lay dead, victim of a grenade throw gone bad. Who could have imagined that a convoluted plan to bounce a grenade off a fellow soldier's riot shield through a window could possibly go awry. Such was lunchtime in the PC Gamer office today when we tried out the New Red expansion for our strategy game of 2011, Frozen Synapse. Find out exactly what went down in Tom's account .

It already looks as though the co-op mode will prove to be the highlight of the update, but the Red expansion comes with a clutch of neat new features. There's a new riot shield unit that can deploy a silver barrier when standing still to repel enemy fire and deflect incoming grenades.The expansion also adds a 15 mission single player campaign and 10 challenge missions with additional rule mutators to add extra challenge.

It also adds red mode. What does that do? "IT MAKES THINGS RED" say Mode 7 in the Frozen Synapse Red trailer . The expansion is available to buy now for $9.99 from the Mode 7 site and Steam .

  • Full co-op for the single player campaign and all new single player content

  • A new unit (riot shield)

  • A new multiplayer game mode (“Upload”)

  • 15 mission single player campaign

  • 10 single player challenge missions

  • Three mutators (gameplay modifiers for advanced users)

  • 6 additional music tracks by nervous_testpilot (2 previously available in the Humble Indie Bundle)

  • MP3 and FLAC download of all Frozen Synapse: Red music

  • Original music tracks “Deeper” and “Focus” unlocked during gameplay

  • “Impeccable Micro” - a chiptune album from _ensnare_ (MP3 and FLAC)

  • The infamous “Red Mode”…

Tom Senior

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