Frozen Synapse out this week, pre-order to get bonus copy

The simultaneous turn-based strategy game, Frozen Synapse is finally getting a full release this Thursday after a long beta period. It will be available to buy on Steam, Matrix games and on Mode 7's Frozen Synapse site. The game's still available to pre-order right up to the Thursday release date at the price of £16.99 / $25.99. Pre-ordering will get you an extra copy of the game to gift to a friend.

The game has two players controlling small squads of fighters in a neon blue arena. Orders are issued to each team in five second chunks. Once all of the commands are given, the result plays out, men are shot, walls are exploded and it's back to the strategic view to adjust your strategy for round two. It's a fast and extremely tense take on your traditional turn based strategy. There's a full single player mode, too, with more than fifty missions. It's rather good. Check out our Frozen Synapse preview for more information.

Tom Senior

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