Frontier CEO apologises 'wholeheartedly' for shoddy Elite Dangerous Odyssey launch

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Frontier CEO and founder David Braben has apologised for the state of Elite Dangerous Odyssey at launch, saying the current bugs are the studio's "top priority and focus."

The latest expansion launched last week and has been battered with negative reviews, mostly centered around poor performance and a multitude of bugs. Braben posted his apology on the official Elite Dangerous forums, writing "First and foremost, I would like to apologise wholeheartedly to those who have been suffering from these problems. I would like to reassure you that we take these issues very seriously and that they are our top priority and focus."

Braben said a second hotfix is on its way "very soon," hoping to fix more of the bugs and "bring further stability improvements into the game." He also said further updates would be released in the future in order to bring Odyssey into a more stable state. Seemingly random performance across older machines is also being looked into, with Frontier "trying to get to the bottom of this."

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Braben wrapped-up his post by thanking the community, writing "I would like to thank you all for your patience and support. The Elite Dangerous community has always been at the heart of the game.

"We understand that there are a number of players who have had problems accessing and playing the game and I can assure you that we are focusing fully on improving this for those affected and communicating with you openly and regularly about how these issues are being addressed."

It's a shame to see an expansion for such a beloved game bomb, but it's perhaps not a surprise to some. Our own Nat was cautiously optimistic when she checked it out, saying "there's a sense that the expansion is somewhat undercooked." Andy K was equally sceptical, especially of Odyssey's strange plastic humans.

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