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FromSoftware acknowledges Elden Ring still exists

elden ring
(Image credit: From Software)

In a reply to their own tweet, FromSoftware acknowledged that Elden Ring is indeed a videogame that it is still making, and that it is something to look "forward to", indicating that it will come out at some point in the future, presumably within the lifetime of any person currently reading the tweet.

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In the meantime, we can at least took to the Elden Ring subreddit for some dark fantasy. It's been over a year since we've heard FromSoft acknowledge the game, the studio skipping out on every digital conference this year to make the damn thing. It's inspiring some ardent FromSoft fans to take on illogical, herculean tasks as a means to pass the time and not lose hope that the spirit of Dark Souls will carry on, at least somewhere that isn't a console

James Davenport
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