Sony retracts Demon's Souls remake trailer, says PC mention was 'human error'

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Update: After publishing a trailer for Demon's Souls today that included the disclaimer "Also available on PC," Sony has set that trailer to private and stated that the end slated, pictured above, was an error. "The incorrect text was a result of human error," a Sony representative told PC Gamer. The representative stated that Demon's Souls is "exclusive to PlayStation 5."

When pressed on whether Demon's Souls is actually a lifetime exclusive to the console or a timed exclusive like Death Stranding, Sony declined to elaborate further, reiterating "Demon’s Souls is exclusive to PlayStation 5."

In August, shortly after porting Horizon Zero Dawn to PC, a Sony corporate report (opens in new tab) stated that the company "will explore expanding [its] 1st party titles to the PC platform." Demon's Souls seems like an ideal place to start. 

Original story below.

Original story: You're going to want to watch the latest Demon's Souls gameplay trailer from today's PlayStation 5 event on YouTube, because tucked away at the very end is a glorious message appended in tiny, tiny text.

"Also available on PC."

While Bluepoint's gorgeous-looking remake is not From Software's original version of the game (which you can emulate to near perfection on PC anyway), the PC is finally getting one more missing Souls game, and the one that kicked it all off, too. 

Sony's blog confirms Demon's Souls is a launch game for the PlayStation 5, but presumably the PC port will be coming later. Also noteworthy that it's going to cost $69.99 on the console, which seems likely to be the new full-price standard for next-gen games.

If you're trying to avoid spoilers, I'd skip the trailer since it shows off a ton of the biggest bosses, but here's what we can grift from the demo overall: This Demon's Souls is not just a one-to-one remake. Bosses have new attacks and some areas and enemies take some big artistic departures from the originals. 

Either way, I love me a good adaptation. Bluepoint Games put out an excellent remake of Shadow of the Colossus a few years back, so I'm jazzed to see what it does with Demon's Souls. On PC. Ultrawide. RTX on.

Phew, it feels good to say that. Hey, Sony, Bloodborne next, yeah?

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