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Free Shadwen update adds 14 "re-worked" levels and improved AI

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Frozenbyte's stealth-assassination-babysitting game Shadwen ends rather abruptly: You get to the castle, conclude your business, and that's the end of the tale. But the free “Escape From the Castle” update released today changes all that by adding 14 “re-worked” levels, which you'll have to get through in order to make good your escape. 

The new levels are actually reversals of those in the original release, each with “new gameplay,” more guards for an increased challenge, and new treasure maps hidden throughout. The update also fixes numerous bugs and makes improvements to the game's AI, which if we're being honest could really use it: As we noted in our review, enemy intelligence is one of Shadwen's most glaring weak points.   

The update was released as part of Frozenbyte's 15-year anniversary celebration, a birthday that may make Shadowgrounds fans out there (like me) feel uncomfortably old. Speaking of Shadowgrounds, it and Frozenbyte's other games—Shadowgrounds Survivor, Trine 1, 2, and 3, and of course Shadwen—are all on sale in the creatively-named Frozenbyte 15 Year Anniversary Sale, which runs until August 12.