Free gift copies of War of the Roses: Kingmaker sent to players today, Paradox seeks new recruits

Paradox Interactive sent out gift copies of its special edition, War of the Roses: Kingmaker , asking players to recruit their friends to the bloody battlefields of feudal England. In an email to players, the “Coin Master of House Paradox” beseeches all enlisted knights to “recruit the bravest of souls to help you fight the War of the Roses.”

“There's a brutal war being fought between the houses of Lancaster and York and liege lords on both sides are set to reward their vassals for the dedicated service they've demonstrated thus far. In an exclusive offer only being given to enlisted knights, a giftable copy of War of the Roses: Kingmaker shall be bestowed upon thee,” the email continues.

Before War of the Roses and rival game Chivalry: Medieval Warfare were released, the multiplayer medieval first-person-slasher genre basically didn't exist; now there are two behemoths in the field having an all-out war. Chivalry recently made headlines for hosting numerous free weekends and releasing free DLC to bring in new players. War of the Roses hit back with legendary British actor Brian Blessed 's involvement and the release of Kingmaker and, this morning, a free gift copy to every registered player.

This competition, of course, can only yield good things for gamers like discounts and new content. It seems likely that the feud will continue unabated for the life of both games. If only there were some sort of large metal weapon that could help settle this for good...