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Free games of the week

Bundle Kitt by James Earl Cox III

The adorable Bundle Kitt is James Earl Cox III's 100th game in five years, and yes you heard that right, he's made 100 games over the course of just five years. I've recommended some of them before, but you can find all of them here, and you should at the very least check out the ones with the funniest names.

Bundle Kitt, the 100th, is an absolutely lovely little adventure that recalls Newgrounds-style Flash games in the best possible way. It's essentially a series of webcomics strung together into a serial adventure: little vignettes where you play as a cat bound in a tight blanket. Bundle Kitt's curious, mistrustful, sleepy, regretful and cute personality comes to life in a game that understands the importance of...timing.

Reditum by Ennio Dal Farra, Katherini Skarpalezos, Noe Narcisse

Eeee. Oooooh! Wooow. These are some noises you will probably make during Reditum, a lovingly illustrated adventure set in a vaguely Moebius-esque, but also Samorost-y world. Compared to Amanita Design's adventures, it's a bit finicky to control, but Reditum is an otherwise pleasant journey through a shifting landscape full of colour and life.

Lucah by Colin Horgan and Nicolo Telesca

Lucah is a top-down action game that reminds me of Hyper Lighter Drifter, in that it controls extraordinarily well, and it consists of a series of roomy arenas in which brutally quick combat happens. You have a familiar, who is basically a gun, and also a sword you'll use to carve jagged, sketchy monsters into jagged monster goop. Speaking of that art style, it might be sketchily drawn but it feels alive, the nightmarish world of Lucah pulsing with woozy, neon gristle.

It's early days for Lucah, and as such this is an alpha version to support an ongoing Kickstarter. If all goes well, the full game will be with us sometime next year.

Sidekick High by Jonas Fisch, Sascha Schneider, Bryan Atkinson

Made for this year's Adventure Game Jam, Sidekick High is a fun and nicely drawn adventure set in a school for superhero sidekicks. Which is to say, it's a room-escape game, because two-week jam deadline. To be fair, there are two rooms to escape from here: the first as a group of supernaturally gifted youngsters, and the second as a different group of supernaturally gifted youngsters, but with an alternate set of powers, and with other items cluttering up room. This is an imaginative game and, surprisingly, a fully voiced one too—if it were fleshed out and polished a little, it would be easy to mistake this for a Daedalic game.