Free games of the week

Yodoyabashi Oya Club by DeathMofuMofu

Thank you, Warp Door, for finding this ridiculous FPS set in a manor house full of armed and murderous maids. To survive, you'll need to dodge bullets, collect health packs, and generally blast them to kingdom come, painting the manor floor with pixellated blood. As you progress through the house, the maids will increase in health and firepower, swapping cleavers for guns and, eventually, devastating rocket launchers.

Pacific by Dan Sanderson

This lo-fi, first-person horror does some interesting things with physical space. In its tricksy facility, you're teleported around seamlessly as you collect clues, open or close doors, or flick switches, and you never know entirely know what you'll find the next time you turn a corner, or the next time you creak open a wooden door. Pacific's gloom is (almost) all-encompassing, while its voiced tapes pipe in some intriguing hints of story.

sixgamesinonesimultaneousmegapack by yesyes

The team behind (copy...paste...) sixgamesinonesimultaneousmegapack has crammed six games into one, and not in the usual sense, where one might select each game from a main menu. No, you're playing all six simultaneously here, and half the fun— what am I saying, all the fun—lies in deciphering which parts of the overwhelming buffet of visual information belong to which game. I couldn't untangle the entire smorgasbord, but it includes a text adventure, a physics-based rolling game, and more. One for the time-poor—and if you're any good at Magic Eye puzzles, that would probably help.

Sabre by BearishMushroom

This attractive, endless shoot-'em-up was made for the CGA jam, and while you'll likely quit before you get killed (it could maybe ramp up in difficulty more quickly), there are the makings of a solid twitch shooter here. Well, I say shooter, but while your enemies will spew projectiles towards you, your only weapon is a ruddy sabre, hence the name. Nevertheless, smashing those enemies into pieces is particularly satisfying, causing particles to fly all over, and lovely giant numbers to erupt all over the screen.