Free games of the week

iii by Yukon W.

I do like a good Metroidvania, and I hope you do too, so here's a minimal exploration platformer featuring a feisty feline. You'll run and jump around a bit before acquiring a magic eye that will let you transition between multiple dimensions—something you'll do to solve navigational puzzles, or simply admire the differing colour schemes. There's nothing wildly original here, but that's OK—iii looks great, and it's such a cool world to be in.

Lands of Yocta by Trasevol_Dog

I've said before that teensy game making program Pico-8 has inspired some amazing things, and here's the latest: a first-person walking sim. Actually, there's a bit more to it than that. You'll explore a strange-looking, open-ended field in Lands of Yocta, yes, but you'll also do some things that cause an ending to happen, a bit like in the similarly blocky Proteus. The controls are a little awkward, but they won't take too long to get used to, and it's worth it to play this enigmatic, exploration-rich game. (Via Warp Door)

Cardamom by the Cardamom Team

It's not all there yet, but this sizable demo for scrappy adventure title Cardamom is worth a look if you're on-board with media where characters will suddenly burst into song. Cardamom is the rare game where voiced characters will occasionally express themselves through music, and it adds an element of earnest charm to this cute game about a cat solving emotional problems in an apartment block.

Monolith by MonolithDevs

This beta demo for procedural shoot-'em-up Monolith is something you should play if you like The Binding of Isaac and/or dodging multi-coloured bullets, as it's pretty much Isaac-meets-bullet-hell. And in such a wonderful way. You'll move from room to room, shooting enemies, warping out of the way of hazards, and using nifty teleporters to tactically wend your way around, before taking on a few bosses with alarmingly great A.I. in this three-floor-long beta. There's no drift to the ship movement, and I'm not sure how I feel about that, but there's the making of something excellent here.

(Note: the full version of Monolith is heading to Steam on June 7!)

The Temple of Adventure by Scared Square Games

The Temple of Adventure is a post-modern, er, adventure in the Stanley Parable/Dr. Langeskov mould, and I should really not say much more than that. There are too few games where you explore a first-person facility, locked into a pleasingly one-way dialogue with an exasperated, voiced narrator, and we can add this amusing adventure game to the list.