Free games of the week

Dyg by Burgess


Dig your own grave, and when you've finished, perhaps give this gorgeous browser game a play. There's a cool thing about it I won't spoil, but I will say it's a sort of score attack game where you have until sundown to dig as far down as you can. I don't think it's a fair game, given that your spade will (seemingly randomly) ping off the ground rather than break the soil, but it's a lovely idea, and Dyg looks just smashing.

Joy Exhibition by Strangethink

Joy Exhibition

Do art in the best way possible: not with paintbrushes or pens, but with a load of colourful guns. Each gun has its own painting method, or adds a different colour, and you're given a bunch of canvases with which to create your masterworks. If you like what you've made, you can save the images externally—though I personally found it difficult to create things I liked, given that I had no idea what the procedural paint guns would contribute to each piece. Still, a cool idea.

Flock by Kent Sheely


There's not much to this, and the description oversells the game massively, but it is nice to fly around as a bird for a bit. Grow your flock by clicking on other birds, then watch as the world morphs around you.

Reap by Daniel Linssen

4 - Reap

Any week with a new Daniel Linssen game is a good one, and true to that, here's an inventive new survival game about surviving on a mysterious archipelago. You can chop down trees, then use the logs to build bridges or rafts. You can dig soil, plant turnips, harvest those turnips, then shove them into your fat gob. You can find maps of the vast procedurally generated world, and other, more mysterious trinkets. The best bit is the sun, which physically increases the size of the game world as it rotates around the screen—or indeed shrinks it as night approaches, and you can't see as far. Wonderful.

Zunus by Jonathan Whiting


A two-button space trading game about an enterprising triangle, and a smart way to make something special under strict limitations. Left and Right turn your ship..left and right, while holding both moves your plucky vessel forward. Navigate into stations to trade, then swap your cargo for lovely space-cash; collide with an asteroid, an enemy, or the side of a station, and you'll be reborn as a clone at your last port of call. Don't skip the dialogue: it's pretty funny.