Free games of the week

Homesickened by Snapman


Return to your creepy hometown in the aptly named Homesickened, an authentically retro first-person adventure that hasn't even heard of the words 'mouselook' or 'WASD'. (Alright, WASD isn't a word, but you know what I mean.) It's a sluggish, awkward game to control, but strangely all the better for it, the old-fashioned movement system complementing the moody pixel art remarkably well. I particularly like the soft whirs and clicks that sound as you walk around, suggesting an old computer struggling to render such a complex world.

Crowtel by Sink


You're a crow what runs a hotel, and Sink's game 'Crowtel' has gone and ripped off your life. So yes this is a very silly, lovely, vaguely Metroidvania-y platformer, about a crow trying to clean up his enormous hotel before the health inspectors are let loose on his property. It's Fawlty Towers meets Cave Story, basically, and if that doesn't make you curious then you are a husk, a husk, Madam/Sir.

Birdland by Brendan Patrick Hennessy


Birdland is a funny and wondrous piece of interactive fiction about a girl trying to get through summer camp. Half of the game is dedicated to the camp experience, featuring all the forced outdoor activities and awkward social interactions I've come to expect from American films. The other is dedicated to your dreams, which are invariably located in a world populated entirely by bird-people, and where you are the only human. Interestingly, it's also something of an RPG. You have stats, which will go up or down depending on your dream-choices, and that open or limit your dialogue options in the real world. Imaginative, and often hilarious stuff.

I am dead where are my keys by From Smiling

I am dead

Grab sweets in your flying car in I am dead, which like Undertale takes place in its own weird, wonderful universe where skeletons are some of the funniest people around. Finding the sweets won't take too long, but I just liked being in this world, listening to the deeply soothing soundtrack and chatting with the big floating skull at the centre of town.

Monster Streaking by Beavl

Monster Streaking

Monsters have arses too, and the green creature at the heart of Monster Streaking is determined to bear theirs for all the world to see. It's a cute and compelling auto-runner where you hold the left mouse button to advance, and release it to fall back, and you'll need to do both to avoid the various human obstacles on the bustling city streets. You acquire points by briefly pausing for photographs, and as you play you'll unlock additional creatures including Frankenstein's monster, a mummy, and Pinhead.