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Free games of the week

Brave Mercenaries by yonoplay

There's not much to it, but if you're a fan of dungeon crawlers I estimate you'll get a few minutes' joy out of Brave Mercenaries, which offers an interesting dungeon crawl with a nice sense of style, despite its unfinished nature. You click your way through a dungeon, collecting treasure and improving in strength. Afterwards, if you like, you can do it again. And again and again and again. Oh it's repetitive, sure, but the thrill of watching those numbers go up does make up for that, to an extent. I only wish it was harder, and that battles had some tactical element. by Toulou

Following in the footsteps of Nathalie Lawhead (look back in the infinite Free Games archive for the excellent Cyberpet Graveyard), is a game—I suppose, and who really cares if it is or isn't—where you have to figure out a password by snooping around in a folder, an actual .zip file. It's a littler thing than Cyberpet, so don't expect lots of bonkers pop-up pets here, but there are some interesting text files and images to peruse. I'm intrigued to see where this burgeoning little genre is heading next.

The Secret of Dank Mountain by Tim, Chris, and Adam

I don't get what's so dank about this pleasant mountain range, which you have to ascend by running and clambering up cliff-faces. This is a satisfyingly physical game where you really feel attached to the main character, thanks to those arms flapping about as you sprint, and as you fist your way up the sheer rocks. I'm not used to being rewarded after getting to the end of a game—here, getting to the top of the mountain—but your gift for doing so in The Secret of Dank Mountain is perfect: utterly appropriate to the game and what's it about. (Via Warp Door.)

Frogs and Flies by Bilge Kaan

Frogs and Flies, the original cats and mice, star in this unassuming arcade game based on an actual old arcade game from ye olden times. While one frog, played by the computer, leaps across a pond catching flies in its froggy mouth, you, the player, have to try and keep up, timing your leaps so that you can gobble them in mid-air. It's a nice timewaster, this, even if it's not entirely true to the spirit of frogs, who famously have big long tongues they can also use to help them out.

Coffee Run by matanui159

You'll spend about as much time with Coffee Run as you did with Frogs and Flies—actually, you might spend more, as it's game that encourages replay, and re-re-play. This two-player game invites you to race a human opponent (or yourself, there are only two keys needed) in a slow-ass dash to the finish line, while holding a cup of lovely coffee. Spill the coffee and you lose. Make it to the other end before the other player and you win. And vice versa. The mechanics for coffee spillage are a little obfuscated, I feel, but it seems to depend on how often you press the space bar (as player one) or Enter (as player two). Jab them infrequently, but more frequently than your rival, to be victorious. Now that's a damn fine cup of etc etc.

Blind Date by solscapestudios, mentalpop

There's no Cilla, but that's not the only thing stopping this (I assume) official Blind Date tie-in from feeling entirely accurate. Set in a restaurant, it's a game of squirming conversation between yourself and your blin-d date, which quickly (a little too quickly) transforms into something else. There wasn't quite enough build-up for me, and a little too much, er, end-up after the change occurs. But it's a good idea, well told, apart from that.