Four Hunted: The Demon's Forge preorder packs

hunted preorder thumb

Hunted: The Demon's Forge has four different pre-order packs available in North America. They'll be available in Europe and Australia soon, apparently. It's basically a mix of equipment, levels, bosses, and character skins. New tradition: all pre-order bonuses will receive the official PC Gamer pre-order dunce hat. Because pre-order bonuses make the PC Gamer team sad.

Griffin pack

This pack includes a bracer for Caddoc (the buff guy) that improves his magical abilities, a crossbow that improves his ability to hurl little metal bolts into people's necks, some Griffin Hide armour for E'lara the elf lady, and a Griffin Claw bow (which is described as a repeating bow. A machine gun that fires arrows?!)

Darkset pack

This pack has a piece of shoulder armour for Caddoc, an axe and a shield, special gothy armour for E'lara that boosts her magical abilities, and a "Darkset Light Sword" for her, which presumably confuses the crap out of bad guys while you stab them. "It's light? Or is it dark? Dark set, but light? Is it heavy? What? -urk-"

Assassin pack

As well as a "Seriphine" character skin unlocked once you complete the game, and a bow for E'lara, this unlocks an Assassin boss (and a level to put her in) for the game's level editor, Crucible.

Demon pack

Similarly, this has a Demon boss and lair for the game's level editor, as well as a "notch axe" for Caddoc and something called an "Annuvin" character skin. What does this skin look like? Who the hell knows? Oh right, I've put a picture of it up there. That'll be for the guy, then.

I've asked the Bethesda for some more details on how many of these you can buy, what they'll cost, and so on - we'll keep you posted.