Everything we know about the Blazing Thunder treasure chest in Forza Horizon 5

forza horizon 5 treasure chest
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Looking for the weekly treasure chest in Forza Horizon 5? There's already plenty to do in the latest Forza, whether that's looking for the fastest cars in Forza Horizon 5 or trying to track down all the elusive Barn Finds. And Forza's Series will add even more activities over the coming months.

Now that the holiday-themed Series 2 has kicked off, you can expect to find festive new challenges and rewards to unlock. Every so often we have a treasure chest to locate, and this guide will show you where to find the latest one. You can keep track of this and all your other seasonal challenges in the Accolades menu.

We've also included the details for previous chests even after they unavailable in-game, just in case they come back. So, here's the Forza Horizon 5 Blazing Thunder treasure chest location.

series_2_summer_season_treasure_hunt_location from r/ForzaHorizon

Current Forza Horizon 5 treasure chest location: Blazing Thunder (currently bugged)

The next clue reads: "Come as you are for a blazing trilogy across any trails." Hmm, cryptic.

More cryptic than Playground intended, it would seem. That's because the latest treasure chest seems to be bugged, with players on Reddit claiming that it's impossible to complete if you've already got three stars on all the Trailblazer challenges. This player had only completed one Trailblazer and they could see where the treasure chest pops up (check the map link above).

Then again, Phil told me that "there was definitely one [Trailblazer] I hadn't touched" and Blazing Thunder is still borked for him. Regardless, if you're experiencing issues with the latest treasure objective, know you're not alone. I'll update this guide when a fix turns up.

Expired Forza Horizon 5 treasure chest locations

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Heights of Mulege

Complete the Danger Sign jump challenge with two or more stars. This is located just to the north of Mulege—if you're having trouble completing the challenge, try a car with lots of power and give yourself a big run up. 

The chest is located in the Baja California region, just to the northwest of Mulege. You can check the map above if you're not sure where to look. Drive into the chest to claim your reward of 50,000 CR and a Wheelspin.

Hold Your Horses

Your latest treasure hunt clue is: "Earn ten stars from PR Stunts in any Mustang". We recommend the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 2020 for speed traps and speed zones, or you could go for the Ford #25 Mustang RTR 2018 for drift zones. 

If those are the stunts you fancy doing, you can use the map filter so you can just see these on your mini-map nice and clearly. You can then revisit the map and hover over the stunt to see check how many stars you've been awarded.

Once you've got the requisite stars, you're good to track down the chest—as you can see in the screenshots above, it's near the highway, south of El Estadio Horizon. You'll get 50,000 CR for your troubles.

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