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This week on the PC Gamer forums: the community chats about their failings in Fall Guys, re-evaluating Bethesda's behemoth Skyrim ten years on, the best secrets we've found hidden in games, and when a game asks you to 'press any key' which do you press? We're asking the big questions here at PC Gamer.

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Here are this weeks thread discussions:


We can't get enough of Fall Guys. We've ranked every Fall Guys mini-game, classified every type of Fall Guy player, and given it a high review score where Chris describes the bean battler is, "an exceedingly cute yet still occasionally tense party royale." Check out the forum's dedicated thread started by McStabStab for more Fall Guys chat, and feel free to leave a comment.

I'm enjoying the game a lot. Me and my friend have been playing but the other day was the first time we grouped together and we both managed to each get our first win. That made the win even better in my opinion. I like the Dragon costume but don't have it yet.SoulFlare

I have to say, it is a lot of fun watching people play this game, especially when people raging like a wild beast because they could not jump, run, grab, or slide properly.—Frindis

Here's the thread.

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Skyrim is not that good

Some games are just not for everyone and fourm member davidP7 just couldn't get into Skyrim. After explaining their reasoning they've asked the forum if there's something they're missing and for members to leave comments below. Join in the thread if you have opinions on Skyrim, whether they are similar frustrations or thoughtful counterpoints. 

I think Skyrim is mostly good at being a sandbox. I don't think Skyrim does anything particularly well, but that's true for a lot of games that are somehow still fun. It just gives you a big world filled with stuff and a lot of options to play around with. I would also suggest looking into mods, as they can add a lot of good content.—Pifanjr

I know what you mean OP. Skyrim and in general Bethesda games are like that. They make the framework, that's actually barely functional with minimalist features and kinda just wait for community to step up and fix game issues with mods. And somehow, they're praised for it. I would call their games "RPG-lite" or something similar. They're simplistic in their design, shallow and popular to the point when saying "I didn't enjoy Skyrim" results in a disbelief and shock in anybody asking.—OsaX Nymloth

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When you're asked to 'press any key' which key do you press? 

Chris' mid-week question asks the community what key they press when prompted by a game. For me, I act on instinct and just press whatever key my hands react to first, but for many people, it's the enter or space key. Let us know what key you go for by leaving a comment in the thread.

If it works, my mouse button because it feels like a sort of rebellion. If that doesn't work, then escape, despite it being probably one of the less convenient keys.drunkpunk

Almost always space. Thanks to my typing teacher's otherwise mostly forgotten work (I was already typing up a storm way before learning the "right" way) I almost always have a thumb hovering over my spacebar, ready to pull the trigger and sometimes interrupt something with an unintentional jump.—SquireZed

Here's the full thread. 

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What's the best secret you've ever found in a game?

It's the best feeling when you find a secret room or hidden object in a game, and for this week's weekend question Jody wants to hear all your best discoveries. Guide or no guide, leave the best secrets you've found in a comment on the thread, the more obscure the better.

I had a few candidates for the best secret (Fallout 2 has some of the best!), but I decided to pick dead Gargamel from Arcanum. In one of the locations, you encounter a dead man and a cat surrounded with mushrooms. This is a reference to The Smurfs. The little blue creatures finally took revenge on Gargamel and his cat!Sarafran

Duke Nukem 3D had some corkers. I enjoyed finding the dead Doom marine, for one. Even cheekier was the the 'really ready room' secret in the captain's ready room. No clue what levels these were on, but Duke had a pithy comment lined up for each when you discovered them.—Biggly

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