Fortnite's Wild West mode introduces dynamite, but it's already been removed

Fortnite’s latest limited time mode, Wild West, kicked off today. Only weapons from ‘frontier times’ are available—that means six shooters, shotguns and hunting rifles. If you like your Fortnite battles with a bit more bang, there’s also a new weapon: dynamite. Unfortunately, Epic temporarily disabled the explosives around an hour into the new mode. 

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It looks like the arrival of Wild West coincided with an increase in crashes, and dynamite could be the cause. Epic has disabled dynamite while it investigates. 

It’s not the only weapon, either. The minigun has also been removed from the LTM, and it doesn’t look like it’s temporary this time. Epic didn’t offer a reason, but it seems like balance may have been an issue. Judging by the response, it won’t be missed from the frontier.

Save the World players, meanwhile, can snatch a fancy new gun from the weekly store. The Ghost Pistol is… well I’m not really sure what it is. The ghost of a gun? A gun that once belonged to a ghost? It shoots ghost bullets, too, begging more questions. These bullets can pass through walls and enemies, so don’t expect cover to save you. It will be available from tomorrow at 7pm EST until the same time on November 28.

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