Fortnite's monsters are sticking around in the new update

Fortnite’s 6.22 patch dropped today, throwing some meaty additions into the mix, not least of which are a brand new heavy assault rifle and Team Terror, a Limited Time Mode. 

The new gun packs a wallop, but at the cost of its firing rate. Specifically, it deals deals 44/46/48 damage, has a fire rate of 3.75 and a mag size of 25. You’ll be able to pick up rare, epic and legendary versions, and you’ll be able to find them in supply drops, vending machines, just lying around on the ground—potentially everywhere, basically. 

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Team Terror keeps Halloween going. Monsters have invaded the island, as they are wont to do, and instead of working together to take them out, two teams of players will instead fight against each other and the monsters. It’s brutal, is Fortnite. It won’t last forever, so get in while it’s around. 

These monsters are the same ones you’ve have been dealing with if you played during the Fortnitemares event. Speaking of which, that’s not quite over, either. The event is finished in Battle Royale, but Save the World is having its own Fortnitemare with new quests and a boss battle.

Team Terror is joined by the returning Blitz mode. Blitz kicks up the pace of the battle royale scraps considerably. The storm moves quickly and there’s a dramatically increased chance of chest spawns and supply drops. If you want your battle royales in 15 minutes of less, Blitz should keep you happy until it goes away again. 

Fortnite’s also getting NFL outfits, though they won’t be available in the store until Friday, November 9. 

Take a gander at the full patch notes

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