Fortnite update brings Light Machine Guns, 50v50 Limited Time Mode mark two

There's a potentially life-threatening comet in the sky, and wake ceremonies on the ground. But even that can't stop Fortnite's steady stream of updates. 

The latest, update v3.5, is live and brings with it the previously teased Light Machine Gun—a fast-firing shooter, equipped with a large magazine and long reload time. Likewise, the second iteration of Battle Royale's 50v50 Limited Time Mode is go—with "two teams, two buses, one Victory Royale"—as is a new questline for Save the World.

From back to front, Save the World's new questline is named 'Into the Storm: Encore'. Here, players must venture into the storm with Lars, overcome challenges and seek "great treasure". Do so and unlock one of the game's new Cyberpunk Heroes. They look like this:

As for 50v50 V2, teams are split across two busses, which approach the island from opposite ends. Players are granted ten minutes to loot as the storm begins to close, five minutes to fight, and a final five minutes as the storm shrinks to its end. Throughout, supply drops fall in two-minute intervals in batches of three to six, and only land in the final storm circle.  

More information on all of that, plus details on a typical round of bug fixes, can be found in this direction. The update post also notes that from today through Sunday, April 22, players will receive double experience in BR, and an Into the Storm Llama each day in Save the World. 

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