Fortnite update 2.5.0 adds impulse grenades, Lunar New Year-themed shrines and weapons

Roses are red, violets are blue, impulse grenades are of that rarity too. 

By way of its latest update v2.5.0, Fortnite Battle Royale and its Save the World counterpart belatedly celebrate Valentine's with new impulse grenades and Lunar New Year-themed shrines, weapons and characters. 

Exclusive to Battle Royale, impulse grenades let you quite literally send your foes flying head over heels. They're found in treasure chests and supply drops only. Look, see:

Treasure-filled thematic shrines also look like this:

As for Save the World, the following characters and neat-looking weapons are now at your disposal:

Elsewhere, the latest patch adds key binding for toggling pickaxes, while the Social Panel has been expanded to make browsing lists easier. The update's full list of tweaks and adjustments—across both Battle Royale and Save the World—can be found here, which includes a typical host of bug fixes, and weapon buffs and nerfs.

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