Fortnite and Thor crossover finally confirmed, other Marvel characters possibly on the way

After many weeks of rumors, suspiciously familiar skins, and excitable tweets from data miners, Epic has finally confirmed that a Fortnite x Thor crossover is coming. Judging from the date seen in Epic's tweet from the official Fortnite Twitter account, the Thor crossover will likely feature as one of season 4's biggest draws, much like Aquaman was for season 3.

Epic's announcement is pretty light on details, save for the date that seems to doubly confirm when season 4 is starting.

Thor is far from the first Marvel crossover skin to appear in Fortnite however. Just this season, players were able to purchase a Captain America skin, despite season 3's reliance on the Aquaman cast and the announcement of a Joker and Poison Ivy skin bundle.

The rumors about a Thor skin began all the way back in July (remember July?) when Captain America appeared in Fortnite via the Bifrost rainbow bridge from the Thor universe. Several months later, data miners found files indicating that a comic book would appear somewhere in Fortnite's lobby menu, along with rumors that the X-Men's Wolverine could also be available.

Data miner HypeX, who sports a reliable record of providing leaks, chimed in following Epic's Thor announcement with some additional details.

Donald Mustard, the worldwide creative director at Epic Games, also left some hints. Historically, he's used his Twitter profile to provide clues as to the theme of whatever season is coming next. Lo and behold, he's changed his header image to a comic page featuring Iron Man and Dr. Doom. His location has also changed to "Close to Zero." If that's a comic reference, it's lost on me.

(Image credit: Epic GAmes)

That's all we can glean so far, but it's exciting to know that Marvel will be a major focus. Don't forget to read everything else we know about Fortnite season 4, and check out the rest of our Fortnite guides and patch notes.

Joseph Knoop

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