Fortnite teases Quad Launcher as next weapon

The best weapons in Fortnite are determined by circumstance, strategy and tactics. Me? I like blowing things up, wherever and whenever—which is why I'm digging the battle royale's next incoming firearm. As teased via the game's message of the day screen, Fortnite is getting a Quad Launcher. 

Alongside the description "quickly fire up to 4 rockets to blanket an area with explosive damage", the Quad Launcher looks like this:

The Quad Launcher was first mentioned back in September, when intrepid dataminers uncovered its existence. Whether it'll feature as its own standalone weapon, or whether it'll be consigned to a themed limited-time mode remains unclear—but we do expect Fortnite's latest patch to roll out at some point this week, perhaps even today. 

Likewise, the Disco Domination LTM is yet to make an appearance after being teased in the same way last week. Might we see that soon, too? We'll update as and when we know more. Stay tuned.