How to reboot a friend in Fortnite and get all the rewards

fortnite reboot a friend
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The Fortnite "Reboot a Friend" feature pops up every once in a while to allow players to force—er, 'encourage' their friends to return to the battle royale. For their trouble, friends who successfully play some matches with those returning buddies will get some cool cosmetic rewards.

You'll need to make sure you re-recruit your friends the correct way if you want to actually get those rewards. Read on to find out how to do it.

When does Fortnite's Reboot a Friend end?

Fortnite's current Reboot a Friend window runs from April 6 to April 26 at 2:59 AM Eastern Time. So make sure you start at least a little while before that window closes, since you also need to play games with your returning friends.

Fortnite reboot a friend rewards

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This time, Reboot a Friend is offering four different rewards.

There's the heartbeat wrap, which gives you weapon an EKG animation set against a thick black color.

Then there's two different versions of the Plasma Carrot Pickaxe, which is exactly what it sounds like, and I love it. I'm sure it will go well with this Easter's horrifying bunny costumes.

Then there's the Reboot spray, and the yellow, bat-like Toxic Flash glider.


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How to reboot a friend in Fortnite

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OK, so how do you actually do the thing you're here to do? 

Step 1: Head over to Fortnite's reboot-a-friend site.

Step 2: Sign into your Epic account and form a team. You can then select up to three friends (who haven't played Fortnite in 30 days or more) and invite them to your team.

Step 3: Play games with that team of rebooted friends to earn points.

Step 4: Spend those points on the rewards of your choice.

Note that you'll get 100 points for playing one game with a rebooted friend. You can still earn 10 points per game you play with your Reboot a Friend squad. So even if you don't really have any pals who've been away for long enough, you can still get some points. Hustle enough and you could still earn quite a bit.

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